about the admin

my name is julia. i have been using neocities since at least 2015, unfortunately i forgot the password to my original account so all my old content remains lost.

this site has been running since 2019, and has undergone various changes over the past several years. originally, it was a place to advertise my commissions and comic art, and to serve as sort of

an archive/portfolio for any future employment opportunities. then i used it as a blog, then it was an altnerate reality game, and here it is now. quite a bit of the content on this site is

very, very old, and is not representative of my current art style, beliefs, or sense of humor. i apologize for any offensive or cringeworthy content. i will not delete anything from this

site, as it will continue to serve as an archive of my art and beliefs.


anyways. below are some links to stuff that isnt current, but i still like. i hope you enjoy.

dressup game

the skrinkly

all hail chairman mao